Tahini & Molasses

Embark on an Energy-Filled Flavor Journey with Natural Tastes. The Mill's Tahini & Grape Molasses enriches your table with nutritious products made from the highest quality raw materials. Enjoy delightful moments with natural flavors.


The Mill Tahini is made solely from carefully selected sesame seeds. The sesame oil, inherent to the nature of the sesame seeds, gives the tahini a rich flavor and intense aroma.

After the sesame seeds are cleaned, they are roasted in special roasting machines until they take on a light color. This stage not only gives the tahini its intense aroma but also facilitates the next step by releasing the sesame oil. The roasted sesame seeds are then finely ground to achieve a fluid, paste-like consistency. The Mill Tahini is produced with an emphasis on quality and purity. Each jar of tahini is made entirely from natural, first-class sesame seeds and contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

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Grape Molasses

The Mill's Grape Molasses is a natural sweetener made from carefully selected fresh grapes that are naturally processed.

Grapes harvested in their season are thoroughly cleaned and sorted, then broken down. They are heated at low temperatures under vacuum in industrial production systems. In this way, the natural sugars in the grapes are preserved at their highest nutritional value without being exposed to high temperatures. The pulp is removed from the grape juice and then concentrated a second time, evaporating the fruit's water to produce a thick and dark-colored product called molasses. Its thick consistency gives molasses a fuller mouthfeel compared to other sweeteners. Grape molasses carries the natural flavor of the grape fruit. Depending on the variety of grape used, you may get a slight fruit aroma and sometimes a mildly tart taste.

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