Olive Oil

The Cornerstone of a Natural Life: The Mill Olive Oil. We Illuminate Your Table by Bringing Naturalness and Quality Together. We Offer Exclusive Olive Oils for Your Palate Because You Deserve the Best.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings this rich history and cultural heritage to your table. Our olive oil, derived from olives harvested from the fertile lands of Edremit, is produced in accordance with the highest quality standards.

We carefully press olives grown in the fertile lands of the Aegean Region, swiftly transporting them to cold-press facilities, ensuring the temperature does not exceed 27°C. The unique, slightly peppery taste that lingers on the palate and throat is proof of the exceptional quality and freshness of The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Classic (Riviera) Olive Oil

The Mill Classic Olive Oil brings this deep history and cultural heritage to modern tables. Whether you use it in your hot dishes or cold salads, Classic Olive Oil adds a unique taste to your meals with its rich and balanced aroma.

Olives collected from the fertile lands of Edremit undergo a process that meets the highest quality standards. The meticulously executed temperature control perfectly preserves the valuable taste and aromas contained in the olive oil.

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