The Sweet Road to Pleasure: The Mill Halva. With our Plain, Cocoa, and Pistachio options, we offer you an unparalleled halva experience. Indulge in sweetness, witness the unique flavor of The Mill.

Plain Tahini Halva

Tahini halva is the representative of a deep-rooted tradition. Over the years, this special taste has been crafted by artisan hands and has spread all over the world. At The Mill, we continue this tradition with the same care.

Our plain tahini halva offers a perfect blend of quality tahini and sugar. These two ingredients come together in the hands of our experts to create this unique flavor. Gently and patiently kneaded until it achieves a tantalizing fibrous texture, the tahini halva is then set aside to cool, cut, and packaged in our facility where the highest level of hygiene is maintained. With its exquisite taste that melts in your mouth, The Mill Tahini Halva is coming to enchant you.

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Cocoa Tahini Halva

Cocoa and tahini are two flavors that are magnificent on their own. So what could happen when they come together? The Mill's cocoa tahini halva offers the splendid union of these two tastes.

Our halva is made from a combination of high-quality tahini and the finest cocoa beans. In the hands of our skilled artisans, these two ingredients create a harmonious flavor. It contains no additives or preservatives; only pure tahini, cocoa, and sugar.

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Pistachio Tahini Halva

Antep is a city known for its unique aroma and insatiable taste of pistachios. At The Mill, we combine this unique flavor with our tahini halva.

Our Antep pistachio tahini halva consists of a blend of high-quality tahini and crispy Antep pistachios. This unique combination brings together sweetness and salty notes, creating a magnificent flavor. It contains no additives or preservatives; only pure tahini, Antep pistachios, and sugar.

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